Warehousing and Distribution

Whatever your market sector, in today’s highly competitive environment, efficient warehousing and distribution management is central to commercial success. Hence securing a strong logistics partner is crucial, getting the right product to the right destination, on time, on budget, with end-to-end visibility. But that’s only the beginning, of course. With today’s short product lifecycles, tougher time-to-market pressures, and more demanding seasonal inventory builds, you will understand the critical need for flexibility.

Warehousing and Inventory Management

Warehousing Management Systems (WMS) and Inventory Management solutions are key for an efficient supply chain and smooth operation. Your customers demand a quick delivery from our storage facilities to their premises. Amexpress Logistics provides you the insights in your goods and stock on a continuous basis, in order to fulfil your requirements.


Packaging and Labelling Solutions

The functions of packaging are varied, but all are designed to meet specific challenges to supply chain management. Packaging design considers marketing, ease of distribution, customer aesthetics, storage, and sustainability, among other factors.
Functions of packaging directly affecting the supply chain include protective, transport, sales, promotional, services, and guarantee, in addition to the added protective and organisational functions of tertiary packaging.
When you optimize packaging and labelling, you improve processes up and down the supply chain, resulting in a lower carbon footprint, cost savings, and an overall increase in efficiency.

Handling of Hazardous Goods

Given the risky nature of hazardous materials, shippers and handlers must go to great lengths to ensure its safe packaging and transportation. The shipping requirements vary depending on whether the dangerous goods are being moved by road, rail, inland waterway, sea or air, with different authorities responsible for governing each method.

Amexpress Logistics Team has just the excepional knowledge and training to execute the movement of these crucial type of cargoes.

Assembly Services

Amespress Logistics offers you assembly strategies that streamline your logistics processes and bring you closer to your customers. Simply show us your factory-prepared goods our highly trained staff will assemble and package the product ready for delivery for you and your customers whenever you ask.

Assembly Solutions Include


We Make It Seamless For You

Spare parts are available in several types and shapes – they could be tiny to small in size or even heavy and very bulky, they could also be standard ones or a specific custom pieces – having them handy is vital.

We are experienced in shipping, warehousing and distribution of huge amount of spare parts.  

Experienced team, state of the art infrastructure and the required resources enable us in handling logistics of spare parts – small, heavy or bulky, as per your requirement.