More than just a freight forwarder

Forwarding and Shipping

Importing or exporting your products often involves multiple carriers, requirements and legalities. Complicated paperwork, customs, tax issues, endless communications with foreign points of contact can all be a tremendous burden. Amex logistics can provide you a full range of freight forwarding services on a global scale at one stop.
The highway to global success

Road Transport

We combine transport execution with transport management services to meet all your needs on the road. Through our global network of control towers and state-of-the-art technology, we will monitor your shipments throughout their road journey and ensure your goods are always travelling on the most efficient route. Our network provides flexibility, great service levels, accelerated delivery, reduced direct and indirect costs and takes the complexity out of the proccess.
Client-specific air freight services

Air Freight and Air Chartering

Amexpress Logistics has made successful business arrangements with a variety of airlines and selected local agent partners around the world. And, as we are a full supply chain management logistics provider, we can accommodate even the most specific air freight logistics needs.
Our services are made to match your specific needs. Whether your goods need to be delivered within 24 hours, door-to-door or from airport to airport; we can tailor our services and solutions for you. We have a deep understanding of handling, storing, screening and transporting of dangerous and hazardous goods. Safety is our top priority: for our environment, our people and your cargo.

Air Freight Solutions and Services

  • Tailor Made Solutions
  • Door-to-Door services, Import and Export
  • Consolidated Air Freight Services
  • Dangerous and Chemical Goods handling
  • Time-Definite Services
  • Charter Flights and Special Projects
  • Customs Brokerage and Documentation Handling
  • Security Screening on Location

Sea Freight and Ocean Chartering

We aim to provide the best service through innovative thinking, optimized processing and ground-breaking solutions resulting in long-term relationships with our customers and our suppliers.

Sea Freight Solutions and Services Include

  • A logistic concept solution from A to Z, including pre-carriage solutions.
  • Competitive freight rates.
  • Brokering
  • Extensive network with year of experience in the chartering industry.
  • Use our global network to reach your customers anywhere in the world.
  • We have the technical know-how and experience to handle your bulk cargo
  • Project cargo, heavy lift and offshore projects to provide you with the most efficient supply chain.
  • Preparation of contracts, licenses and other documents for import and export
  • Global network of partners and agents
  • Customs clearance of goods and calculation taxes, duties and excises
  • Cargo insurance, from door to door
  • Guidance on packaging and labelling your products for transport

Customs Clearance and Documentation

Pivotal to any business’ success is it’s ability to freely bring in and ship out it’s products and offerings. We at Amexpress Logistics understand how crucial custom clearance can be for our customers and have a dedicated team of PROs that cater to evry customs related requirement your business has.
We provide comprehensive documentation services that can help businesses declare and obtain necessary clearance, undergo necessary custom inspection of their cargo, navigate appeals and other document types that cover the breadth and depth of your business in the UAE and the wider GCC region.
Taking the weight for project logistics

Project Logistics and Project Management

Some cargoes refuse to fit into neat little packages for simple transportation. They’re too big, too heavy, too awkward, or simply too specialised to fit the norm. Amexpress leads the way in moving all types of project cargo from source to destination.
Commitment, flexibility and experience are central to our approach to every project, whether it be a single shipment or the execution of a global contract.
Our experienced engineers in Amexpress Projects Department also handles the logistics and the installation for a variety of projects internationally for defence, NGOs, Health and humanitarian missions.

Our flexible project logistics services include:

  • Site survey and feasibility studies (routes, weather, political climate)
  • InstaProject Management
  • Computer aided loading plans
  • Full / part charter parties (air charters, time/ voyage charters)
  • Multi-modal transport (rail, tug & barge, heavy lift)
  • Special equipment transport (flat racks, open tops, platforms, tween deck solutions)
  • Freight negotiation (COA negotiation, long term rate validities)
  • Administrative support (customs clearance, trade documentation)

Warehousing and Distribution

Whatever your market sector, in today’s highly competitive environment, efficient warehousing and distribution management is central to commercial success. Hence securing a strong logistics partner is crucial, getting the right product to the right destination, on time, on budget, with end-to-end visibility.
But that’s only the beginning, of course. With today’s short product lifecycles, tougher time-to-market pressures, and more demanding seasonal inventory builds, you will understand the critical need for flexibility.
Efficient Warehouse Management Solutions

Warehousing and Inventory Management

Warehousing Management Systems (WMS) and Inventory Management solutions are key for an efficient supply chain and smooth operation. Your customers demand a quick delivery from our storage facilities to their premises. Amexpress Logistics provides you the insights in your goods and stock on a continuous basis, in order to fulfil your requirements.
A Full Logistics Service Partner

Packaging and Labelling Solutions

The functions of packaging are varied, but all are designed to meet specific challenges to supply chain management. Packaging design considers marketing, ease of distribution, customer aesthetics, storage, and sustainability, among other factors.
Functions of packaging directly affecting the supply chain include protective, transport, sales, promotional, services, and guarantee, in addition to the added protective and organisational functions of tertiary packaging.
When you optimize packaging and labelling, you improve processes up and down the supply chain, resulting in a lower carbon footprint, cost savings, and an overall increase in efficiency.

Handling of Hazardous Goods

Given the risky nature of hazardous materials, shippers and handlers must go to great lengths to ensure its safe packaging and transportation. The shipping requirements vary depending on whether the dangerous goods are being moved by road, rail, inland waterway, sea or air, with different authorities responsible for governing each method.
Amexpress Logistics Team has just the excepional knowledge and training to execute the movement of these crucial type of cargoes.

Assembly Services

Amexpress Logistics offers you assembly strategies that streamline your logistics processes and bring you closer to your customers. Simply show us your factory-prepared goods our highly trained staff will assemble and package the product ready for delivery for you and your customers whenever you ask.

Assembly Solutions Include

  • Component kit build; assembly line operations
  • Kitting and co-packing; fine picking and packing
  • Packing solutions and packing compliance services
  • Packing or repacking and labelling for specific countries or customers
  • Just in time, just in sequence and final mile deliveries; track and trace
We make it seamless for you

Parts Logistics

Spare parts are available in several types and shapes – they could be tiny to small in size or even heavy and very bulky, they could also be standard ones or a specific custom pieces – having them handy is vital.
We are experienced in shipping, warehousing, and distribution of huge amounts of spare parts.
Experienced team, state of the art infrastructure and the required resources enable us in handling logistics of spare parts – small, heavy or bulky, as per your requirement.
Meeting your high safety standards

Break Bulk and RORO

Handling breakbulk is complex. You want standards met at all times. Our terminals comply with regulations for quality, safety and security. Our dedicated team, through diverse logistics services and supply chain solutions, are always looking for the most efficient way to handle your breakbulk cargo. Our years of breakbulk experience in combination with our team of experts guarantees you the best possible solution for your goods. We invest in technology to optimise our systems continuously, but we also invest in our highly trained workforce because special goods require special attention, that sometimes can only be given by a real-life expert.

Equipped to Handle Your Breakbulk Cargo with Care

We offer a wide range of services to handle every type of breakbulk cargo. From large Construction Projects to individual pieces of breakbulk, our own dedicated team safeguards and optimises your cargo flow.
The automotive supply chain is global and complex. The integration of smart solutions such as containerization maximizes the safety of the product, no matter how far it will travel to the final destination. Using containerization in place of traditional roll-on roll-off, or RoRo, transportation offers many advantages to the driver, the automotive supplier, and the consumer.
Superior facilities to store your breakbulk cargo

Break Bulk Storage

Searching for a breakbulk expert for your special cargo? Over the years our team becomes expert in handling and managing non-standard, oversized and overweight cargo and offers several storage options for your breakbulk cargo.
No matter how big or non-standard your cargo is, we coordinate safe and secured storage and transportation.

All Weather Handling and Storage

We offer you year-round, all-weather stevedoring for ferrous metals and other goods that are susceptible for the effect of humidity and moisture. The All Weather Terminal has a covered berth that allows under cover stevedoring and is directly connected to a humidity-controlled warehouse, protecting your sensitive cargo against degradation. Our own knowledgeable, highly trained workforce and agents around the globe are the reason we are successful in this department.

Container Handling and Storage

At Amexpress Logistics, we offer a versatile service to answer all your container handling and storage needs.
Our container services extend far beyond container handling and storage: we are a full logistics provider that can help you with any type of cargo and any logistical challenge. We can develop the container services you need, like door-to-door delivery, to grow and optimise your business. Together, we create the sustainable and cost-effective container solutions that help you thrive. Whether you are looking for solutions in terms of systems, equipment or staffing. We are always open to fully explore all available options, we’ve done so in the past.
Partner for all your offshore & heavy lift needs

Heavy Lift Storage

The operational terminal activities related to handling cargo like generators, turbines and oil rig parts are probably the most challenging and complex task in logistics. That is because offshore and heavy lift items do not come in standard sizes. Most of them cannot be separated and many are too large to fit into standard containers. Which is why our customers – primarily in offshore, energy and mining sectors – appreciate our flexibility in fulfilling their specialised needs.

Our heavy lift services include:

  • Handling almost all types of breakbulk, heavy lift and out of gauge cargo
  • Indoor storage and assembling, modifying and lashing your cargo
  • Warehousing (20,000 m² indoor and 40,000 m² outdoor)
  • Lifting possibilities with overhead cranes up to 700 tonnes and a floating crane with 1800 tonnes lifting capacity

Military Logistics

Armed forces need reliable logistics for transport, vehicles, warehousing, and freight forwarding services to perform missions onland, in the air and at sea.
Defense and warzone logistics ensure the supply of essential goods and supplies for troops deployed in remote combat zones.

Military Solutions and Services Include

  • Provision of equipment and vehicle transportation services by road , sea and air
  • Spares and Reverse logistics
  • Storage and maintenance of spares packages for military vehicles, aircraft, communication systems, munitions and weapon systems.

Our suite of services include:

  • Procurement and Inspection
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Warehousing
  • Last-Mile Delivery and Distribution
  • Procurement and Logistics Surge Staffing
  • Medical Supply Chain Services

The Vital Role Played by Logistics During Humanitarian Crises

Humanitarian emergencies can happen anywhere, at any time, to anyone. How and how fast we respond is critical. More than ever, effective logistics management and getting the right people together at the right time makes the difference.

We offer specialised end-to-end humanitarian supply chain services to NGOs, governments and multi-lateral agencies.
With our experience at the forefront of global humanitarian response, we blend tried-and-tested logistics methods with innovative solutions, providing our partners with highly efficient and cost-effective logistics capacity. Our teams mobilise rapidly to strengthen or add capacity to your supply chain, allowing you the space to focus skills and resources on core functions and programmatic delivery. We provide integrated procurement, warehousing, freight forwarding and surge staffing solutions in a single contract, providing one and complete end-to-end logistics service package specialising in humanitarian response.
Get Access to Expertise and Experience

Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

In today’s complex global market scenario, it is tough to anticipate and accommodate internal expertise in all the capacities and regions required.
As a right 3PL service provider amex team has knowledge and experience in matters such as transport documentation, import and export, international compliance and economic regulations. Businesses looking to expand into international markets can benefit from our logistics support and know-how that we can provide as a partner, thereby reducing costly delays, cutting down the cycle time, and making the entry into a new region smoother.
This is a meticulous process that translates to satisfied customers — the fundamental goal of all businesses.